Spatial Transcriptomics Arena

STAr simulated datasets with documented assumptions, codes and real datasets with references. It provides a wide range of statistical tests and their benchmarking.

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About Spatial Transcriptomics Arena

The Spatial Transcriptomics Arena(STAr) is an open platform for methodology research. It provides resources including curated datasets from simulation and real studies (Dataset tab), accessible analysis methods (Method tab), and reproducible analysis results (Analysis tab). It also welcomes new datasets, methods, or analysis results contributed by the broad research community .

600+ Simulation Datasets, 193+ Real Datasets, 5 Spatial Patterns, 4 Sparsity Settings.

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7 Statistical Methods

Identify spatially variable (SV) genes across different tissues is a central question in spatial transcriptomics analysis. We collect and curate seven statistical methods from current literature. We also applied them on ~800 datasets. Users have unrestricted access to the raw codes and analysis results.


Spatial Transcriptomics Arena offers simulated datasets, synthetic datasets and datasets from real studies. A wide-range of datasets provides the opportunities to evaluate the existing and novel association methods from multiple perspectives - from different human diseases to different ecological conditions.


Documented data resources and analysis routines enables reproducible results – a critical type of research for modern medical and statistical research. Spatial Transcriptomics Arena provide R codes with datasets, methods and analysis results. Users can freely download the data, code and reproduce analysis results in their own computation environments.